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ISSN 0319-7336
Volume 41, Number 2

Locke and Hume on Personal Identity:
Moral and Religious Differences
Ruth Boeker  105
Without Gallantry and Without Jealousy:
The Development of Hume’s Account
of Sexual Virtues and Vices
Loren Falkenstein  137
Hume’s (Berkeleyan) Language of Representation
Nabeel Hamid  171
Cultivating Strength of Mind:
Hume on the Government of the
Passions and Artificial Virtue
Lauren Kopajtic  201
Is Hume an Inductivist?
David Landy  231
Turnabout is Fair Play: A New Humean
Response in the Old Debate with Kant
Peter Thielke  263
Jacqueline Taylor. Reflecting Subjects: Passion,
Sympathy, and Society in Hume’s Philosophy
Karl Schafer  289
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