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Executive Committee Elections Now Open

Elections are now open for three vacancies on the Executive Committee. Three-year terms will begin in January 2021. The election will be closed in 30 days. Sign in and go to

Hume Society Statement on the Re-naming of the University of Edinburgh David Hume Tower

The Hume Society acknowledges and abhors Hume’s racism and the contributions he made to pro-slavery movements and the oppression of Black people in Europe and the Americas. We recognize the right of the University of Edinburgh community to determine whom to honor in the naming of its buildings. We also endorse the university’s decision to undertake a thoughtful review of the petition to change the name before making any permanent decisions on this matter. As we continue to explore Hume’s legacy in various areas of thought, we are committed to increasing awareness of the harmful aspects of that legacy and encouraging an ongoing conversation about these issues. The Hume Society affirms that Black Lives Matter and is committed to fighting white supremacy. Efforts to institutionalize inclusivity and decenter whiteness need not be at odds with efforts to critically examine the intellectual contributions of historical figures.

47th International Hume Society Conference

Bogotá, Colombia