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Hume Society Early Career Mentorship Program

The deadline for expressions of interest for Early Career Scholars is September 15th, 2021. Please apply by filling out the following form:

Early Career Scholars Application Form

If you are willing to act as a mentor for the Hume scholarship community, please volunteer by filling out the following form:

Early Career Scholars Mentor Form

Questions about the program? Contact the program organizer, Katie Paxman at

Important dates:

  • September 15: Deadline for applications from mentees
  • September 24: Mentor and mentee assignments to be mailed out
  • September 30: Deadline for mentees to get drafts to mentors
  • October 18: Deadline for paired mentors/mentees to complete mentoring virtual meetings (with the option of sharing a virtual meal covered by the Hume Society).
  • Early November: Date for virtual ECSM workshop TBD (consider volunteering to be on the discussion panel!)

Collection of Anti-Racist and Inclusive Resources Ongoing

The Hume Society is continuing its work to develop resources for anti-racist and inclusive teaching and scholarship on the works of David Hume and other historical figures. Please email the Executive Vice President-Treasurer ( if you would like to suggest materials for inclusion on our website.

48th International Hume Society Conference

Prague, Czechia


July 4 - July 8, 2022