Hume Society

                              1999 Hume Conference
                              University College, Cork
                              July 19-23, 1999

            Conference Co-Directors: Stephen Darwall (University of Michigan, USA) Desmond Clarke (University
                 College Cork, Ireland) with the assistance of Garrett Barden (University College Cork, Ireland)

The 26th Hume Conference of the David Hume Society will be held July 19-23, 1999 at  University College, Cork .  The conference's theme will be "Mind and Society."

Full information about the conference, including details about schedule, fees, accommodations will be sent to Hume Society members in March.  Because July is high tourist season in Cork, however, anyone considering attending the conference should reserve accommodations soon (see below).

Bear in mind also that the  Tenth International Congress on the Enlightenment will be held the following week, July 25-31, at  University College, Dublin. 

University College, Cork will provide a wonderful setting for the Conference.  We will be able to take advantage of its marvelous facilities and ambiance.  And Cork, the commercial, cultural, and political capital of Ireland's south, offers endless beauty and interest.  In addition to quaffing  Beamish, a stout brewed in Cork since 1792, in the local pubs, we will have a banquet in one of Cork's finest restaurants.  An afternoon's outing will take us to  Lismore Castle , the Duke of Devonshire's Irish country home overlooking the River Blackwater, which dates from the 12th century.


Cork has a wide variety of places to stay, from  posh hotels to bed and breakfasts and hostels.  We should emphasize again, however, that because summer tourist demand is high, it is prudent to book accommodations sooner rather than later.

Several bed and breakfasts can be found right across from University College along the Western Road.  In addition, we have reserved rooms in the University's  Castlewhite Apartments .  These are inexpensive, modern, and clean.  They are, however, not entirely private, as they cluster in groups of three to six around shared kitchen, shower and toilet, and lounge facilities.

Garrett Barden has drawn up a list of various B&B's and hotels with relevant information and is willing to help with bookings.

In addition, there are various other ways of learning about and booking accommodations.  Both  Cork City and  Cork, the Friendly City include information about and links to lodging possibilities, as well as lots of useful information and links about Cork more generally.  Additionally, the Irish Tourist Board is an invaluable source of information and links about all of Ireland, Cork included.  By maneuvering their site one can locate all varieties of lodging and even make bookings.
See you at Cork!

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