Accepted Papers for 1999 Hume Society Conference
                                                                    "Mind and Society"
“Sensible Knave, the Unity of the Virtues, and Vices From Design”          JAMES KING
“Hume’s Dissolution of the Problem of Tragedy”                                      SCOTT SAMUELSON
“Character and Moral Agreement in Hume’s Ethics”                                 DONALD AINSLIE
“Hume on Primary and Secondary Qualities and Inconceivability”             KARANN DURLAND
“Society and Morals:  Hume on the Formation of Character”                    TIMOTHY COSTELLO
“Hume’s Theory of Weakness”                                                                JOSEPH BIEHL
“Hume’s Theory of Truth”                                                                        MICHAEL LYNCH
“Social Myths, Powerlessness, and the Monkish Virtues”                          LINDA PETERSON 
“Spreading it Thick: Hume on the Idea of Necessary Connection”             CIAN DORR
“The Shackles of Virtue: Hume on Allegiance to Government”                  RACHEL COHON
“A Last Shot at Hume’s Reminder”                                                          ROLF GEORGE
“Hume’s Ethics: Ancient or Modern?”                                                      MARCIA HOMIAK 
“New Humes for Old: Sceptical Realism and the AP Property”                 P J E KAIL     
“Hume’s Developmental Psychology”                                                       LORNE FALKENSTEIN
“Hume, Money, and Civilization: Or Why Was Hume a Metallist?“            GEORGE CAFFENTZIS
"Hume et Reid:  On Promises”                                                                  LUCO PARISOLI
“Language and Hume’s General Point of View”                                         WILLIAM DAVIE
“Hume’s Account of Memory”                                                                  JEFFREY MCDONOUGH
“Demea’s Dilemmas”                                                                                THOMAS OLSHEWSKY
“An Unaccountable Pleasure:  Hume on Tragedy and the Passions”           ALEX NEILL
“Hume and 18th Century Aesthetic Experiments”                                      ERNESTO GARCIA
“Reason Unhinged: Passion and Precipice from Montaigne to Hume”        SAUL TRAIGER
“Hume on Memory”                                                                                 JOHN BIRO
“The Confusion of Elegant Lord Shaftesbury”                                            MICHAEL GILL
“Animals Learn Many Parts of Their Knowledge from Observation”          THEODORE GRACYK
“Doing It His Way:  Hume’s Theory of Ideas and Cognitive Science”        ANNE JAAP JACOBSON