28th Annual Hume Conference
July 25-28, 2001
University of Victoria
Victoria, British Columbia
Conference Co-Directors

Don Garrett, University of North Carolina
David Fate Norton, McGill University
James Tully, University of Victoria
Paul Wood, University of Victoria 




The themes of the 28th Annual Hume Conference are: Hume and Locke, Hume and the Passions, and Hume as Storyteller. Our invited speakers and many of our book panels address one of these themes, as do many submitted papers.  In addition, we have planned a symposium on Hume's remark, 'A wise man, therefore, proportions his belief to the evidence' (EHU 10.4). For a preview of our program, see Panels, Papers, Participants and Conference Schedule.

Contact davidnorton@- - - if you have questions about the program. 


Invited Speakers
Special Plenary Guest

Richard Hunt, Native Artist. For more about Richard Hunt and his work, go to http://www.richardhunt.com.
Book Panels
  • Tom Beauchamp, Georgetown University: The Clarendon and Oxford Philosophical Texts Editions of An Enquiry concerning the Principles of Morals and An Enquiry concerning Human Understanding 
  • John Bricke, University of Kansas: Mind & Morality: An Examination of Hume's Moral Psychology
  • Jennifer Herdt, University of Notre Dame: Religion and Faction in Hume's Moral Philosophy 
  • Terence Penelhum, University of Calgary: Themes in Hume
  • Paul Russell, University of British Columbia: Freedom & Moral Sentiment: Hume's Way of Naturalizing Responsibility 

Conference Location

All conference sessions will be held at Dunsmuir Lodge, a conference centre maintained by the University of Victoria. The Lodge is located about 25 kms (15 miles) north of Victoria on a beautiful 100 acre site (which itself adjoins a 600 acre park) on the eastern slope of Mt. Newton, from which it overlooks the Georgia Strait and its many islands as well as the mountains of the British Columbia mainland. 

The Lodge itself is an easy to reach and attractive building with appropriate conference facilities. The conference will begin on the afternoon of July 25th and end on the evening of July 28th. For the four nights of the conference we have reserved for participants all the forty-five guest rooms at the Lodge. For those who wish to arrive early or stay later, twenty rooms have been reserved for the nights of July 24th and July 29th; more rooms are available for these nights on a first-come, first-served basis. For further information about accommodation click Rooms and Rates.

Contact dunsmuir@uvic.ca. if you have further questions about Dunsmuir Lodge.


Registration Information Conference Registration Fee:
For those attending the closing Banquet: $Cdn140.00 (approx. $US95.00)
For those not attending the closing Banquet: $Cdn110.00 (approx. $US75.00)

To view/print the Registration/Reservation Form that must be completed and returned either by fax or by conventional mail, click Registration Form (to view and print the registration form, you will need to have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system). You can also request that we fax you a form if you're not able to print the Acrobat file.

A Late Registration Fee of $Cdn50.00 will be charged to those whose Registration Form is received after May 25, 2001.


Weather Victoria summers are among the most delightful anywhere. Normal late July high temperatures are about 23 degrees Celsius (73 degrees Fahrenheit); overnight lows are about 12 degrees Celsius (54 degrees Fahrenheit). On average, the sun shines over 300 hours during July, while normal rainfall for the month is about18mm (3/4 in). Bring a jacket or sweater for evenings. 


Victoria and Vancouver Island Attractions Victoria and Vancouver island are popular tourist destinations with a wide variety of attractions, especially outdoor ones. One indoor attraction we hope you won't miss is the Royal British Columbia Museum. Visit Victoria and Vancouver Island for more information. Other useful links include:  
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  • The Dean of Humanities
  • The Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences
  • The Humanities Centre
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