30th Annual

Hume Society Conference

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At the University of Nevada, Las Vegas,
the College of Liberal Arts, the Department of History,  and the Department Political Science

July 29 - August 2, 2003

Conference Directors:

Craig Walton, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Phil Cummins, University of Iowa

Michel Malherbe, Université de Nantes

"Probability, Chance & Judgment"

"Nothing requires greater nicety, in our enquiries concerning human affairs, than to distinguish exactly what is owing to chance and what proceeds from causes" (Essays, XIV/ G&G III,174)

"Besides, we must consider that, according to the present economy of the world, the course of nature, though supposed exactly regular, yet to us appears not so, and many events are uncertain, and many disappoint our expectations. Health and sickness, calm and tempest, with an infinite number of other accidents, whose causes are unknown and variable, have a great influence both on the fortunes of particular persons and on the prosperity of public societies" (DCNR XI/206).

Invited Speakers:

Tito Magri, Universitá di Roma
Jacqueline Taylor, Tufts University
Tatsuya Sakamoto, Keio University

Suggested additional themes and panels:

Hume in the 19th Century
Reconsideration of H.H. Price’s Hume and the External World
(Possible) New Book Panels

The Hume Society is pleased to announce a Call for Papers and Panel suggestions. The theme for the Conference, "Probability, Chance and Judgment" is widely construed as referring not only to Hume’s treatment of probability and knowledge, but also to his treatments of contingency, probability and chance as factors in the forming of judgments and the struggles for civility and sanity. Submissions are invited on the Conference theme, as well as on additional themes and current work in the field of Hume studies, widely and internationally conceived. The Hume Society will set aside up to $2000 in support of graduate students whose papers are selected. Submissions must be planned for 25-30 minutes’ reading time, and the author’s name may only appear on the cover or title page. Papers may be submitted in French, Spanish, German or English, but must include an English-language abstract and be sent by October 1, 2002 as an e-mail submission to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Hume Society, Professor Mikael M. Karlsson: <hume@hi.is>

The Hume Society       Call for Papers       Conference Schedule       Additional Information