" Our reason must be consider'd a kind of cause, of which truth is the natural effect." 36th International Hume Conference

Naturalism and Humes Philosophy

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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August 2-6, 2009

Hosted by

Dalhousie University
 The University of King’s College


The Hume Society

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Conference Themes

Naturalism in Hume’s Philosophy

Hume’s Contribution to the Development of Modern Science

Invited Speakers 

Martha B. Bolton
(Rutgers University)

Michael B. Gill (University of Arizona)

William Edward Morris (Illinois Wesleyan University)

John D. Norton (University of Pittsburgh)

Book Panels
Rachel Cohon, Humes Morality: Feeling and Fabrication
Critics: Don Garrett and
Elizabeth Radcliffe
Peter Kail, Projection and Realism in Humes Philosophy
David Owen and Kenneth Winkler

Conference Co-Chairs

Nathan Brett (Dalhousie University)
Donald Baxter (University of Connecticut)
Livia Guimaraes (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais)

Local Organizing Committee
Adriana Benzaquén, Nathan Brett, Sylvia Burrow, Melanie Frappier, Ami Harbin, Simon Kow,  Mark Mercer, Letitia Meynell, Gordon McOuat, Eve Roberts, John Schellenberg
An Associated Event
The sixth annual meeting of the Atlantic Canada Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy will be held at Dalhousie University August 7-10, 2009, consecutive to the Hume Society meeting.
Send all inquiries to hume2009@dal.ca
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