The conference begins Tuesday 6 July at 2:15 pm and ends Saturday 10 July at 5:45 pm followed by the conference banquet. The registration desk at the City Campus, Prinsstraat 13 will open on Tuesday 6 July at 10.00 AM. A map of the City Campus is to be found on the conference website under 'Location'.




2:15 PM            Opening Remarks


2:30-4:00            PLENARY SESSION 1

Herman De Dijn (Leuven):  “Spinoza and Hume on Religion as a Natural Phenomenon”


                        Chair:  Wim Lemmens (Antwerp)


4:15-4:30            Coffee


4:30-5:45            PARALLEL SESSION 1

                        Wade Robison (RIT): "Hume the Moral Historian:  Queen Elizabeth I"

                        Commentator:  Spyridon Tegos (Crete)

                        Chair: Petra Van Brabandt (Antwerp)


                        Tony Pitson (Stirling): "Hume and the Transparency of Perceptions"

                        Commentator:  Saul Traiger (Occidental)

                        Chair: Livia de Guimaraes (Minas Gerais)


5:45-7:00            RECEPTION





9:00-10:15            PARALLEL SESSION 2

Cressida Gaukroger (CUNY): "Unifying Taste: Public Approval and Character Traits in Hume's ‘Standard of Taste’"

Commentator:  James Mock (Central Oklahoma)

Chair:  Marjolein Oele (San Francisco)


Kevin Meeker and Ted Poston (South Alabama): "There's No Place Like Home: Hume, Williamson, and the Extent of Cognitive Homelessness"

Commentator:  Jane Friedman (Oxford)

Chair:  Don Baxter (Connecticut)


10:15-10:30            Coffee


10:30-12:15            PLENARY SESSION 2

Panel discussion on Hume and Feminism:  Livia de Guimaraes (Minas Gerais), Anne Jaap Jacobson (Houston), and Amy Schmitter (Alberta)

Chair:  Asa Carlson (Stockholm)


12:15-1:45            LUNCH


1:45-3:00            PARALLEL SESSION 3

Dan O’Brien (Oxford Brookes): "Sympathy and Authority: Hume's Two Accounts of Testimony"

Commentator: Angela Calvo de Saavedra (Javeriana)

Chair: Henrik Bohlin (Södertörns)


Jani Hakkarainen (Tampere): "Hume on the Existence of Complex Perceptions"

Commentator:  Corliss Swain (St. Olaf)

Chair:  Dario Perinetti (UQAM)


Jennifer Welchman (Alberta): "Could Hume be a Social Progressive's Moral Theorist?"

Commentator:  Andrew Sabl (UCLA)

                        Chair:  Gerard Kuperus (San Francisco)


3:00-3:15            Coffee


3:15-4:30            PARALLEL SESSIONS 4

                        Remy Debes (Memphis): "The Peculiar Sentiment"

                        Commentator:  Alison McIntyre (Wellesley)

                        Chair:  Rico Vitz (North Florida)


Karl Schafer (Pittsburgh): "Hume's Passionate, but not Necessarily Moral, Epistemology"

Commentator:  Heiner Klemme (Mainz)

                        Chair:  Don Garrett (NYU)


5:15-8:00            ANTWERP TOURISM (short walk to the cathedral for an exclusive visit and short organ recital, afterwards reception at the city hall)





9:00-10:45             AUTHORS MEET CRITICS SESSIONS

                        Donald Baxter’s Hume’s Difficulty: Time and Identity in the Treatise

                        Lilli Alanen (Uppsala), Donald Baxter (Connecticut), Eric Schliesser (Ghent)

                        Chair:  Donald Ainslie (Toronto)


                        Thomas Holden’s Spectres of False Divinity:  Hume’s Moral Atheism

James Harris (St. Andrew’s), Thomas Holden (U California, Santa Barbara), Martin Bell (York)

                        Chair:  Jackie Taylor (San Francisco)


10:45-11:00            Coffee


11:00-12:15            PARALLEL SESSION 5

Max Grober (Austin): “Concepts of God in Hume’s Essay ‘Of Suicide’”

Commentator: Mark Spencer (Brock)

Chair:  Jane McIntyre (Cleveland)


Abraham Anderson (Sarah Lawrence): "Hume on the Principle of Sufficient Reason in the Enquiry "

Commentator:  Graciela de Pierris (Stanford)

                        Chair:  Wade Robison (RIT)


12:15-1:45            LUNCH


1:45-3:00            PARALLEL SESSION 6

Amyas Merivale (Leeds): "Hume’s Mature Account of the Indirect Passions"

Commentator:  Jane McIntyre (Cleveland)

Chair:  Esther Kroeker (Leuven)


Dan Kervick (Independent): "Force, Vivacity and Reflective Consciousness in Hume’s Treatise of Human Nature "

Commentator:  Yumiko Inukai (U Massachusetts, Boston)

Chair:  Jani Hakkarainen (Tampere)


3:00-3:15            Coffee


3:15-5:00            PLENARY SESSION 3

                        Jesse Prinz (CUNY): "Does Cognitive Science Support Hume's Treatise?"

                        Chair:  Donald Ainslie (Toronto)


5:00-6:00            ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING




9:00-10:45            PLENARY SESSION 4

                        Christine Swanton (Auckland):  “Moral Truth:  Hume Meets Heidegger”

                        Chair:  Jackie Taylor (San Francisco)


10:45-11:00            Coffee


11:00-12:15            PARALLEL SESSION 7

                        Ann Levey (Calgary): “Humean Families”

                        Commentator:  Petra Van Brabandt (Antwerp)

                        Chair:  Amy Schmitter (Alberta)


Karann Durland (Austin): "Extreme Skepticism and the Multiple Humes Problem"

Commentator:  Don Garrett (NYU)

Chair:  Lilli Alanen (Uppsala)


12:15-1:15            LUNCH


1:15-                        EXCURSION TO BRUGES





9:00-10:15            PARALLEL SESSION 8

                        Lorraine Besser-Jones (Middlebury): "Hume on the Enjoyment of Character"

                        Commentator:  Bob Mahoney (Independent)

                        Chair: Katie Paxman (Antwerp)


Dario Perinetti (UQAM): “Hume’s Sceptical Solutions”

Commentator:  Peter Millican (Oxford)

Chair: Falk Wunderlich (Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz)

                        Mikko Tolonen (Helsinki): "Hume's Case for Monarchy"

                        Commentator:  Adam Potkay (William and Mary)

                        Chair: Enrique Bocardo (Seville)


10:15-10:30            Coffee


10:30-11:45            PARALLEL SESSION 9

Kenneth Sheppard (Johns Hopkins):  "The ‘Triumph of Truth’: Beattie and Hume in the History of Atheism"

Commentator:  David Raynor (Ottawa)

Chair: Mikko Tolonen (Helsinki)


Jose Tasset (Coruna): "Hume on Religion: A Radical View"

Commentator:  Walter Van Herck (Antwerp)

Chair: Angela Calvo de Saavedra (Javeriana)


11:45-1:15            LUNCH


1:15-2:30            PARALLEL SESSION 10

                        Claudia Schmidt (Marquette): "Hume and Smith on Language"

                        Commentator:  Jason Rosensweig (Chicago)

                        Chair:  Eric Schliesser (Ghent)


Eva Dadlez (Central Oklahoma): "Eighteenth Century British Philosophy on Tragedy"

Commentator:  Katy Abramson (Indiana)

                        Chair:  Anik Waldow (Sydney)


2:30-3:45            PARALLEL SESSION 11

                        Peter Loptson (Guelph): "Hume and Ancient Philosophy"

                        Commentator:  Antonia Lolordo (Virginia)

                        Chair: Karl Schafer (Pittsburgh)


                        Anik Waldow (Sydney):  "Sympathy and the Mechanics of Character Change"

                        Commentator:  Lorenzo Greco (Rome)

                        Chair: Philippe Saltel (Grenoble)


4:00-5:45            PLENARY SESSION 5

                        Elizabeth Radcliffe (William and Mary): "Hume and Reasons from the Humean

                        Chair:  Angela Coventry (Portland State)