University of Calgary
July 18-22, 2012

Ann Levey
Wade Robison

Amy Schmitter

Jennifer Welchman

The Hume Society is pleased to announce its thirty-ninth annual conference. We are looking for papers in all areas of Hume studies. The following are the special themes of this conference:

Themes from the Work of Terry Penelhum:
Self, Will, Religion

Hume and Rousseau
On the occasion of Rousseau's 300th birthday

Nominalism and Relations

Plenary speakers:

Donald Baxter, Bernard Boxill, Sarah Hutton

Panels on the themes:

Nominalism and Relations: Deborah Brown, Jani Hakkarainen,
Ruth Weintraub

Hume and Rousseau: Kate Abramson
Hans Lottenbach
, Martine Pecharman

Themes from Penelhum: Don Ainslie, Willem Lemmens, Jane McIntyre,
Terry Penelhum

Papers should be no more than thirty minutes reading length, with self-references deleted for anonymous review. Papers may be submitted in English or French with an English-language abstract. Papers should not have been previously published or to be published by the date of the Conference. Authors are requested to submit papers in either MS Word or rich text format (RTF), to the Hume Society Conference Website.

Hume Society Young Scholar Awards are given to qualifying graduate students whose papers have been accepted through the normal anonymous-review process.

The deadline for submissions is November 15, 2011.