University of Calgary
July 18-22, 2012

Ann Levey
Wade Robison

Amy Schmitter

Jennifer Welchman

Location: Rozsa Centre


Wednesday, July 18th

9 - Registration

10 - Introductory remarks (Husky Oil Great Hall)

10:30-11:50 Plenary Session 1

Sarah Hutton

The Cambridge Platonists and the Scottish Enlightenment


All parallel sessions, a and b, will be held respectively in the CIBC Hub Room and the Scotia Bank Milling Area.

1-2:20 Parallel Sessions 1

1a Gregory Bouchard (CIBC Hub Room)

David Hume
and the Edinburgh Select Society

Commentator: Max Grober

1b Ken Henley (Scotia Bank Milling Area)

Hume's 'Wilt Chamberlain' Argument
and Taxation

Commentator: Dan Kervick


2:30-3:50 Parallel Sessions 2

2a Juan Santos Castro (Hub Room)

The Squareness of the Circle:
The Circle Argument for the Artificiality of Justice

Commentator: Lewis Powell

2b Giovanni Grandi (Milling Area)

Hume and Reid on Money
and the Love of Riches

Commentator: Margaret Schabas


4-6 Plenary Session 2 (Husky Oil Great Hall)

Introductory remarks

Themes from Penelhum:

Don Ainslie
Willem Lemmens
Jane McIntyre
Terry Penelhum

6 Reception (Husky Oil Great Hall)


Thursday, July 19th

9-10:20 Plenary Session 3 (Husky Oil Great Hall)

Don Baxter

Hume on Abstraction and Identity


10:30-11:50 Parallel Sessions 3

3a Elizabeth Radcliffe (Hub Room)

The Inertness of Reason
and Hume's Legacy

Commentator: Rob Shaver

3b Neil McArthur (Milling Area)

Constraints on Convention:
Hume on Equity, Law and Nature

Commentator: Andrew Sabl


1-2:20 Parallel Sessions 4

4a Ernesto V. Garcia (Hub Room)

A New Look at Hume on Practical Reason

Commentator: Andre Klaudat

4b Philip Reed (Milling Area)

Hume's Morally Educated Agent

Commentator: Charlotte Brown


2:30-3:50 Parallel Sessions 5

5a Kevin Meeker (Hub Room)

Ethics and Epistemology in Hume

Commentator: Remy Debes

5b Krista Rodkey (Milling Area)

Good Breeding and Its Laws:
Hume on Politeness, Conversation,
and Delicacy of Taste

Commentator: Chris Williams


4:10-6 Plenary Session 4: Nominalism and Relations
(Husky Oil Great Room)

Deborah Brown, Hume and the Nominalist Tradition

Ruth Weintraub, Nominalism and the Copy Principle

Jani Hakkarainen, Hume as a Trope Nominalist

Friday, July 20th

9-10:20 Plenary Session 5 (Husky Oil Great Room)

Bernard Boxill

The Consequences of Dependence
in Rousseau and Hume


10:30-11:50 Parallel Sessions 6

6a Erin Frykholm (Hub Room)

The Ontology of Character Traits in Hume

Commentator: Emily Kelahan

6b Maite Cruz Tleugabulova (Milling Area)

Hume and the Aesthetics of Argument

Commentator: Livia Guimaraes


1-2:20 Parallel Sessions 7

7a Lisa Ievers (Hub Room)

Reflection's Equivocal Role
in Treatise Book I

Commentator: Annemarie Butler

7b Elliot Goodine (Milling Area)

Aesthetics of Morality
in "Of the Standard of Taste"

Commentator: Aaron Garrett


2:30-3:50 Parallel Sessions 8

8a Hsueh Qu (Hub Room)

Hume's Incorrigibility Principle

Commentator: Karann Durland

8b Jacqueline Taylor (Milling Area)

Humanity, Sublimity, and Charm:
Ethical and Aesthetic Aspects

Commentator: Dario Perinetti


4:10-6 Plenary Session 6: Hume and Rousseau
(Husky Oil Great Room)

Kate Abramson, Hume's Resolution to Rousseau's Problem of Amour Propre

Hans Lottenbach, Hume and Rousseau on Self-Love

Martine Pecharman, In search of the principle of morals: Hume on sentiment and Rousseau on sensibility

Saturday, July 21st

9-10:20 Parallel Sessions 9

9a Haruko Inoue (Hub Room)

The Ambiguity in Hume's Distinction
between the calm and violent passions

Commentator: Katie Paxman

9b Jason McCullough (Milling Area)

Justice and Luxury:
The "Context" of Hume's Treatise Account
of the Artificial Virtues

Commentator: Tina Baceski

On to Banff!

Sunday, July 22nd

9:30-10:50 Parallel Sessions 10

10a Asa Carlson (Hub Room)

The Moral Sentiments in Hume's Treatise:
A Coherent Reading

Commentator: Rachel Cohon

10b James Arnold (Milling Area)

The "Idealized Spectator"
in Hume's Ethical Theory

Commentator: Alessio Vaccari

11-12 Business Meeting (Husky Oil Great Room)


1-2:20 Parallel Sessions 11

11a H. Bohlin (Hub Room)

Universal Moral Standards and the Problem
of Cultural Relativism in Hume's "A Dialogue"

Commentator: Angela Calvo de Saavedra

11b Jonathan Cottrell (Milling Area)

The Unity of Mind and Hume's Appendix

Commentator: Ted Morris

2:30-4 Claudia Schmidt Memorial (Husky Oil Great Room)

Karann Durland, Saul Traiger, Chris Willliams