Hume Society Conference

44th International Hume Society Conference

Hosted By Brown University

July 17th-21st, 2017

Conference Themes

  • Hume and Berkeley
  • Hume on Time and Its Significance
  • Hume on Human Differences


Plenary Speakers

  • Kenneth Winkler (Yale University)
  • Naomi Zack (University of Oregon)

Themed Panel: Hume and Berkeley

  • Lorne Falkenstein (Western University)
  • Martha Brandt Bolton (Rutgers University)
  • Becko Copenhaver (Lewis and Clark)

Book Panels

  • James Harris, Hume: An Intellectual Biography
    Critics: James Moore (Concordia University)
                  Dario Perinetti (University of Quebec)
  • Donald Ainslie, Hume's True Scepticism
    Critics: Anik Waldow (University of Sydney)
                  Hsueh Qu (University of Singapore)


  • Keota Fields (University of Massachusetts)
  • Aaron Garrett (Boston University)
  • Jennifer Marusic (Brandeis University)
  • Andre C. Willis (Brown University)

Sponsored by Brown University, Department of Religious Studies.