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The Forty-Sixth Annual
Hume Society Conference

Hosted by the University of Nevada, Reno, Department of Philosophy,
Paul and Gwen Leonard Endowment
July 22th-26th 2019

Conference Themes:

Andre Willis

Faith and Testimony

Andre Willis,
Brown University

Veronique Monus Darde

Hume and Democratic Theory

Véronique Munoz-Dardé, University College
London & University of California, Berkeley

UNR Campus

Hume and Idealism

Panel Discussion on
Hume and Mary Shepherd

Peter Kail

Hume and Genealogical

Peter Kail,
Oxford University

Book Cover: Hume, Passion and Action

Book Session:

Elizabeth Radcliffe,
College of William & Mary,
author of Hume, Passion, and Action
(Oxford University Press, 2018)


  • Donald Ainslie, University of Toronto
  • Katie Paxman, Brigham Young University
  • Amy Schmitter, University of Alberta

Conference Directors: