" Our reason must be consider'd a kind of cause, of which truth is the natural effect." 36th International Hume Conference

Naturalism and Humes Philosophy

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Thank you to our referees.

Conference Organizers and

The Hume Society

would like to thank the following people who refereed submissions for "Naturalism and Hume's Philosophy."

This conference would not have been possible without their help.

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List of Abstracts

Donald Ainslie Don Garrett Elizabeth Radcliffe
Sara Albieri Michael Gill David Raynor
John Martin Bell
James Harris Wade Robison
John Bricke Thomas Holden Abraham Roth
Sophie Botros Dale Jacquette Todd Ryan
Charlotte Brown Jani Hakkarainen Eric Schliesser
Asa Carlson
Peter Kail Claudia Schmidt
Angela Calvo de Saavedra
Manfred Kuehn Amy Schmitter
Rachel Cohon Willem Lemmens Lisa Shapiro
Mark Collier
Thomas Lennon Jennifer Smalligan
Angela Coventry
Ann Levey M. A. Stewart
Deborah Danowski Peter Loptson Ryu Susato
Francis Dauer Emilio Mazza Jacqueline Taylor
Georges Dicker Alison McIntyre Saul Traiger
Karánn Durland Kevin Meeker John Troyer
Roger Emerson David Owen Stanley Tweyman
Lorne Falkenstein
Herlinde Pauer-Studer Samuel Wheeler
Aaron Garrett Dario Perinetti Christopher Williams

Tony Pitson Kenneth Winkler


Local Organizing Committee
Adriana Benzaquén, Nathan Brett, Sylvia Burrow, Melanie Frappier, Ami Harbin, Simon Kow,  Mark Mercer, Letitia Meynell, Gordon McOuat, Eve Roberts, John Schellenberg
Send all inquiries to hume2009@dal.ca
Last updated May 17, 2009