Social Events

There will be three social events of a more 'official' kind: a reception at the Antwerp city hall, the Bruges excursion and the classical closing banquet.

1. On Wednesday 7 July at 6.30 PM a reception is offered by the Town Council at the Town Hall. This reception is free for all. Before this reception, we enjoy an exclusive guided visit to the Cathedral of Our Lady with a short organ recital.
For more tourist information about Antwerp.

2. The excursion to Bruges is on Friday 9 July in the afternoon from 1.30 PM till the evening. The coach leaves at the city campus at 1.30 PM and will in the evening leave Bruges around 8 PM. The trip Antwerp-Bruges by coach takes 1 hour 10 minutes. The excursion will consist of a guided World Heritage tour in the city by professional guides and some free shopping/dining/sight seeing time. Bruges is the best preserved medieval city of Flanders/Belgium and has a huge historical significance. It is sometimes called 'the Venice of the North' in Europe. One can also come back from Bruges by train (1 hour 10 min.) but only the coach trip is included in the excursion price of 20 €. Subscription required, payment on beforehand (see registration form).
For more tourist information about Bruges.

3. On Saturday 10 July at 7.30 PM there will be the closing banquet in a prestigious restaurant (NeuzeNeuze), located nearby the conference site in the old city center. Subscription required (see subscription form). Subscription required, payment on beforehand (see registration form).
For more information about the restaurant NeuzeNeuze.


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