University of Calgary
July 18-22, 2012

Travel Information


Getting to Calgary:

Lonely Planet has a site about how to get to Calgary.

One of the best places to find information about inexpensive flights to Calgary is TripAdvisor.

Trains come to Calgary from Vancouver, but not from anywhere to the east, and the train from Vancouver is a luxury train -- a vacation in its own right, taking two days through spectacular scenery, with an overnight in Kamloops.

Getting to the University from the airport:

Via taxi? $35-40

Via public transit?

Bus #430 -- to the Crowfoot train station, then transfer to the train and go south two stops to the University Station ($2.75 in exact change only).

Express bus #300 -- downtown and then take the Crowfoot train from the 7th Street Station north to the University Station ($2.75 in exact change only). The express bus operates every 30 minutes from 5 a.m. to midnight, every day. You may pay on the bus ($8, no change provided), or you may buy a Boarding Pass for $8 one way or $10.75 return at Mac's stores in the airport terminal, arrivals level.

Downtown shuttle -- $15 to the Sandman Inn, which is at the 7th Street Train Station, and then take the Crowfoot train north to the University Station (yes, again, $2.75 in exact change).

Where you are to go at the University:

You are to go the Hotel Alma. A map of the university is available, and a map with the hotel, the main entrance to the university, and the site of the Conference (the Rozsa Centre) is also available. The train station is marked on the map of the university in the lower-right-hand corner, just above the insert for Foothills Campus.

Getting around in Calgary:

You can look at an interactive map of Calgary to find the University, hotels, restaurants, and so on.

You will find a myriad of ways to get around Calgary at the City's website, including links to transit maps, and a selection of city maps is also available.