A conference T-shirt will be available inscribed with what Hume no doubt would have said had he come to Iceland and spoken the language:

„Við erum lent í ævintýralandi . . .“

which means roughly

"We are got into fairy land"

This comes from Hume's discussion of the limits of our understanding, and causal reasoning, at the end of Section VII, Part I of the Enquiry.

There are only a limited number of shirts available, in medium, large, and extra large. They cost about the same as a taxi ride in Reykjavik -- $20 US or ÍSK 1600 or 14 Euros, whichever is most convenient for you. No credit cards; no checks.

Wade Robison is paying for these out of his own pocket, and so he will be relentlessly hawking them until they are sold.

The price of the shirt barely covers their cost, but any money collected over and above the total cost of the shirts will be donated to the Hume Society.