August 6-10, 2008

IMPORTANT! Please read before registering:

This conference is organized as a Humean "moveable feast", which will be held at three locations:

  • University of Iceland, Reykjavík - August 6th
  • Hólar University College, Hólar í Hjaltadal - August 7th
  • University of Akureyri, Akureyri - August 8th-10th

Transportation between the venues (separated by as much as 400 km.) will be by chartered bus. This format requires that participants arrive in Iceland on August 5th or earlier and depart on August 11th or later.

No conference fee will be charged. However, participants must buy a package that includes the bus transportation and accommodation and food service at Hólar (there are no alternative facilities at Hólar or nearby) and for lunch at Bifröst on the return trip to Reykjavík.

Because early registration is essential for organizational purposes, a substantial amount will be charged for late registration. Only on-line registration can be accepted.

Registration Form

Personal Info

The Transportation and Accommodation Package includes:

  • Bus transport: Reykjavik-Hólar-Akureyri-Reykjavik
  • Accommodation at Hólar: nights of August 6th and 7th
  • Food service at Hólar: 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch and 2 dinners
  • Lunch at Bifröst on return trip to Reykjavík

Bus transportation is required for:


If "other", please specify:


Accommodation and food service at Hólar, and lunch at Bifröst, for (select one):


If "other", please specify:


Since uniform food service is provided at Hólar and Bifröst, it is essential for us to know whether you or anyone in your party has any special dietary restrictions requirements. If so, please specify clearly and precisely what these are, and for whom if there is more than one person in your party. (Note: it is not sufficient to say "vegetarian" if you eat fish, for example):

Please specify:


Conference Banquet:
A conference banquet will be held on the evening of August 9th in Akureyri. The cost is ÍSK 6.550 per person. The banquet consists of a five-course gourmet menu, selected by the chef according to the market and the season at the restaurant Fredik V. Wine and other drinks (except for water) are not included but can be ordered separately (not BYO!).

If you wish to attend the banquet, please order it now for:


If "other", please specify:


Late registration fee:
There is no conference fee, but there is a fee of ÍSK 10.000 (per registration) for late registration. If you register after May 1, 2008, this amount will automatically be added to the amount billed with registration.

Total amount due: ÍSK

If you have selected "other' for certain options; please submit this form and you will be contacted shortly concerning your amount due.
We can accept payment only by major bank card (credit or debit) but are unable to process credit card information through the website. Please fill out this form, and fax it to Wade Robison at 315-524-3249 (from within USA) or +1-315-524-3249 (from outside USA). Alternatively, you may provide the information by phone to the same number. Your registration becomes effective only when your payment is completed.

You can determine the equivalent amount in your local currency by using the currency converter at:   The actual amount will depend upon the exchange rates at the moment of conversion.

The amount paid herewith is 100% refundable, minus service, currency conversion and bank charges, through June 15th, 2008.

After June 15th:

  • pre-payment for the banquet is 100% refundable, minus service, currency conversion and bank charges, through August 5th and non-refundable thereafter
  • the amount paid for the Transportation and Accommodation Package items is 80% refundable, minus service, currency conversion and bank charges, through July 30th and non-refundable thereafter
  • the late registration fee, where imposed, is non-refundable

Refunds will be of the ÍSK amount paid, converted to payee's home currency at the applicable daily rate. Conversion rates may change at hourly intervals.

The conference does not provide or book this accommodation in Reykjavík or in Akureyri. This accommodation must be booked either directly with your hotel or guesthouse or through your airline or travel agent. The conference organizers have, however, made arrangements with a number of conveniently located guesthouses / hotels for reserved space and discount prices - information about these can be found at:

Space in both Reykjavík and Akureyri is extremely tight; it is imperative to reserve accommodation as soon as possible! We were unable to reserve enough space for everyone, and this space is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

A general listing of hotels and guesthouses in Iceland can be found at:    (Choose "Capital Area" for Reykjavík and "North Iceland" for Akureyri)

Other accommodation:
In addition to the accommodation in Hólar, you will need accommodation:

  • in Reykjavík for the night of August 5th (and for additional nights if you will be in Reykjavík prior to the 5th)
  • in Akureyri for the nights of August 8th and 9th
  • in Reykjavík for the night of August 10th (and for additional nights if you will stay on in Reykjavík after the 10th)