The route we shall follow is on this map, loosely traced out with purple asterisks. We'll begin in Reykjavik, near the southwest corner of Iceland. Further out on the southwestern peninsula, you will find Keflavik, where the international airport is.

There is a morning program in Reykjavik on August 6th. From there, we will head NNW and then NW to Hólar, which is marked on the map. On our way, we will stop to see several sights in the Borgarfjördur area. If you find the large glacier, Langjökull, you will see a loop of roads just west (left) of it. There, we will be looking at a number of sights (Deildartunguhver, Reykholt, Hraunfossar, Eiriksjökull), some of which are labeled on the map. You will receive detailed information about these places on the busses.

From the Borgarfjördur area, we will continue on to Hólar, crossing over the high heath, Holtavörduheidi.

On the morning of August 8th, we will leave Hólar and loop S-E-NE to Akureyri.

On the morning of August 9th, there is a program of sightseeing in the Myvatn Area. You will find Myvatn (a lake) on the Hume Route Map to the east of Akureyri. On the way to Myvatn, we will view the waterfall Godafoss; and in the Myvatn Area, we will view pseudo-craters at Skutustadir, the fantastic lava-rock formations at Dimmu Borgir (with views of the huge Hverfjall tephra crater), and the bubbling mud pools at Namaskard. Again, you will receive detailed information about these places on the busses.

On August 10th, we will set off early for Reykjavik, stopping for lunch and our final program sessions at Bifröst University. Bifröst is marked on the Hume Route Map near the Borgarfjördur area, discussed earlier. We will have passed by Bifröst on our way north without stopping there.