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Listed below are all the papers, panels, and plenary speakers for the Conference, arranged as they will appear, with double sessions marked 1a and 1b, and so on. Click on the blue to obtain a pdf of the paper. We will add papers as they become available. The details of the Conference -- the times of presentation, the chairs of the sessions, the rooms where papers are being presented -- are in the pdf available above.

Wednesday, 6 August - University of Iceland, Reykjavík

Plenary Session #1:

Simon Blackburn - Hume's Taste

Thematic Panel 1: Hume on the Emotions

Åsa Carlson, Kristján Kristjánsson (Convener & Chair), Amy Schmitter

Thursday, 7 August - Hólar University College

Plenary Session 2:

Francis Dauer, Realist Reconstructions of Humean Causation

Parallel Session 1a

Eric Schliesser - Hume's Changes to the Definitions of Causation between the Treatise and the First Enquiry

Commentator: Karann Durland

Parallel Session 1b

Jackie Taylor - Experimenting with the Passions

Commentator: Mikael M. Karlsson

Book Session 1: Author Meets Critic

Angela Coventry, Hume's Theory of Causation: A Quasi Realist Interpretation (2006)

Critics: Peter Kail, Ted Morris (Convener & Chair)

Book Session 2: Author Meets Critic

Michael Gill, The British Moralists on Human Nature and the Birth of Secular Ethics (2006)

Critics: Lorraine Besser-Jones, Kathleen Wallace (convener & Chair)

Parallel Session 2a

Peter Millican - Hume's Idea of Necessary Connexion: Of What is it the Idea?

Commentator: Ronald de Sousa

Parallel Session 2b

Haruko Inoue - How Does the division Between the Calm and the Violent Function in Hume's System of the Passions in the Treatise?

Commentator: David Owen

Parallel Session 3a

A. Leland Morton - Hume’s Realism: A Fragmented View

Commentator: Stefanie Rocknack

Parallel Session 3b

Ryu Susato - “The Philosophy of Our Passions” in Hume’s Economic Thought

Commentator: Maria Pia Paganelli

Parallel Session 4a

Kevin Meeker - Was Hume Mathematically Challenged?

Commentator: Don Baxter

Parallel Session 4b

Mark Spencer - The “Connecting Principle” of David Hume’s History of England

Commentator: Claudia Schmidt

Friday, 8 August - University of Akureyri

Thematic Panel 2: Themes from the Philosophy of Páll S. Árdal

Katie Abramson, Jack Bricke, Michelle Mason (Convener & Chair)

Parallel Session 5a

Joel Buenting - Two Views of Pyrrhonism in Hume

Commentator: Livia Guimaraes

Parallel Session 5b

Bob Mahoney - The Sun or the Climate? Hume's Comments on Character

Commentator: Jane McIntyre

Parallel Session 6a

Emily Kelahan - What to Make of the Missing Shade of Blue

Commentator: Jesús Aguilar

Parallel Session 6b

Deborah Brown and Mark Hooper - Hume's Pride: Agency, Attention and Self-Individuation

Commentator: Sigurdur Kristinsson

Parallel Session 7a

Abraham Anderson - The Objection of David Hume

Commentator: Gudmundur Heidar Frimannsson

Parallel Session 7b

Jennifer Smalligan - The Effects of Custom

Commentator: Peter Loptson

Saturday, 9 August - University of Akureyri

Plenary Lecture 3:

Emilio Mazza - The Abstruse Hume Part II: After the Treatise

Parallel Session 8a

Donald Ainslie - Hume's Perceptions

Commentator: Lisa Shapiro

Parallel Session 8b

James Harris - Hume on the Obligation to Justice: The Argument of the Treatise 3.2.2

Commentator: Ann Levey

Thematic Panel 3: Hume on Belief

Miriam McCormick, Corliss Swain (Convener & Chair), Saul Traiger

Sunday, 10 August - Akureyri - Bifröst - Reykjavík

Parallel Session 9a

Lorne Falkenstein - Reid and Hume on Memory

Commentator: Chris Williams

Parallel Session 9b

Mark Collier - Hume's Natural History of Justice: Social Exchange and Self Control

Commentator: Jennifer Welchman