Practical Information

Costs and Currency
The national currency in Iceland is the Icelandic króna (ÍSK). The ÍSK is a volatile currency, with exchange rates varying from day to day. The ÍSK has weakened considerably this year, even against the USD. The current exchange rate (23.07.08) is about 78 ÍSK per USD and about 124 ÍSK per EUR; but if you are making purchaces in ÍSK, you should look at the daily rates. This converter from an Icelandic bank will give you correct, current rates

You will not need much in the way of Icelandic currency while in Iceland, as almost everything can be paid for by credit card (VISA, MasterCard) and typically is. You are advised to follow this local practice, unless your credit card provider imposes usurious charges. Credit card withdrawals from an ATM in Iceland will also be, for most people, far and away the cheapest and most efficient way of obtaining whatever Icelandic currency you do need. Exchanging actual currency (banknotes for banknotes) is very expensive. You are advised not to exchange currency outside of Iceland as the rates are generally much less favorable than the rates given by Icelandic banks.

Tipping is not practiced in Iceland, even in taxis and restaurants. Don’t tip–it isn’t expected, and things are already expensive enough!

The prices of items in shops, etc. generally include all taxes.

Climate and Clothing
We will be in various environments during the period of the conference, and you can expect temperatures between 8°-20°C (46°-68°F), but most generally 10°-14°C (50°-57°F). Wind and rain are likely to be encountered.

We recommend sweaters or light fleece jackets for temperature control outdoors and a wind- and waterproof, non-insulated parka (preferably with a hood) for protection from the elements. This is not a polar expedition!

For footwear, comfortable walking shoes or lightweight hiking boots are recommended. Icelanders remove outdoor footwear while indoors (guesthouses and others may insist upon this), so you may want to bring indoor slippers, slipper-socks or light indoor shoes for inside wear.

The nights during this period will be very short; bring a sleep mask if you have difficulty sleeping in daylight.

Some locations will have shared bathrooms; so you will likely want to have a bathrobe.

There are no planned occasions that will require anything other than informal dress.

Electricity, Computer Access and Printing/Copying
Like almost all of Europe, Iceland uses 220-240V, 50Hz electricity. Most laptop computers will run on this without converters. Plugs are as in France, Germany and Scandinavia; it’s a style that is becoming standard in all of Europe except for the UK and Ireland. If you have British or US-style plugs, you will need adapters.

We will try to arrange convenient computer access in all conference venues. This will normally be wifi (wireless) access for your laptop. If you don’t have, or don’t bring, a laptop to Iceland, access will be more difficult. Depending upon where you stay, you may not have wifi or other computer access at your hotel or guesthouse.

You will not normally have easy access to a printer or copier. Please plan accordingly! If you have essential handouts to distribute, it is best to bring them with you.

Conference Facilities
Overhead projectors and PowerPoint should be available at all conference venues. Those giving presentations will be asked specifically at a later date about the facilities that they require.

Arrival Information and Conference Venues
Very important arrival information and information about the Reykjavik location of the conference and your arrival to the conference venue are given on the Travel Information page. Please read that carefully. Information pertaining to the other conference venues will be provided to you on the first day of the conference).